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MSRP: $59.95
Price: $39.95
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The BugsGear Travel Ukulele , a.k.a. Aqulele, is ideal for being on the move, whether at a festival camping, travelling or simply relaxing at beach, the plastic Uke is designed to be almost indestructible.  Its ABS plastic synthetic design makes it resistant to water while a large offset sound hole and deep body gives great volume and projection. 

The soprano size is equipped with 18 frets making it possible to play at the higher end of the, and with the molded fingerboard you get the expected intonation accuracy from ukuleles in higher price brackets.  Stringing the ukulele is easy for beginners as it only requires one knot and pearl covered metal machine heads also makes tuning easy and keeps the instrument in tune longer.

Throw the BugsGear Travel Ukulele (Aqulele) in the back of your ride and be the campsite crooner on your next outdoor adventure.


• Size: Soprano 
• Scale: 350mm 
• Body: 65mm thickness cutaway designed for more bass sound. 
• Fret: 18Fret 
• Sound Hole: Offset left 
• Peg: Open geared